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Water Evaluation and System Design

EGR performs many water supply and resource evaluations. The feasibility of almost all enterprises depends upon a reliable supply of water.

Our first task is to find the water necessary for the development.

In addition, water use plans can allow development where water resources are limited by: judiciously using available water with conservation measures, recycling of water, and wise allocation of scarce water resources.

An investigation to ascertain the available water resources is critical in determining the constraints on a project.

System Design

EGR has designed water supply systems for agriculture, land-use planning, property development, municipalities, community systems, and golf courses.

The following is a partial list of water related services provided by EGR:


Our wastewater system designs for community, municipal, industrial, and domestic users may incorporate the latest technologies or rely on established designs depending upon the needs of the client.

All types of systems, including step systems, septic tank drainfield systems, re-circulating gravel filters, facultative lagoons, evaporative systems, wetland treatment systems, or high-tech filtration systems, may be utilized.

The following is a partial list of the services we can provide:

Stormwater Managment

Current EPA storm water regulations require that all industries where raw materials or finished products come in contact with stormwater (at some point in the manufacturing, processing, raw materials storage or shipping process) be covered by a NPDES permit.

We provide all services necessary to prepare NPDES stormwater permit applications.

Increasingly, changing weather patterns and increased regulatory focus on impacts of development regarding stormwater flows are forcing communities to examine problems in new ways.

EGR has experience in the following types of analysis and systems: